A Paradigm Shift – Thank You NHA!
Now that my daughter is eighteen I have let her organize her own medical/dental appointments. She has missed or messed up most of them. I recently got a call from the dentist inquiring about where my daughter was for her appointment. I called her and told her what had happened and asked that she rectify the situation. She immediately called and made another appointment and dealt with the situation.
Before taking the class on NHA, I would have lectured her on how she had to keep it more together with her schedule if she wanted the privileges that went with her being eighteen. But instead [I applied what I have learned].
What I noticed most was not just that it avoided an argument in which she would have accused me of trying to make her feel badly but how it changed my attitude and I was able to truly focus more on her willingness to deal with it rather than her forgetfulness. I felt appreciation rather than disappointment.
It happened again when a friend left his car for me to drive. I loaned my daughter mine. When something funky was occurring with my friend’s car I had to call my daughter to come get me and drive me to work. She started complaining and acting cranky. Rather than remind her that she was driving my car and should be grateful to have access, I [was able to shift my focus and therefore the situation].
Again a paradigm shift. Thank you NHA!