Life changing

Marny, your work is life-changing. As a mother and educator, I have found that the Nurtured Heart Approach has challenged and changed me in ways I never thought were possible…

Because it isn’t a learning of the head;
it isn’t a set of strategies to memorize;
not a toolkit or a “to do” (don’t do) list.

The Nurtured Heart works because it goes above, beyond and below everything else that is out there.
Simply put: The Nurtured Heart approach changes 💕 hearts…
More than anything else I have found, Nurtured Heart empowered me with the approach and inspired me to deeply and powerfully connect heart-fully with children, particularly at times when on the surface this seemed least possible.

As we learn through this approach to mine childrens’ most challenging behaviours for the strengths beneath the surface, our capacity as parents and caregivers grow exponentially…

With the clarity of these new insights, we are able to plant new seeds of strength, hope and wholeness into the fertile soil of our families. For my family, and in my work with children, I have come to see this as how healthier, heartier, happier hearts are sewn and grown…

To say that the Nurtured Heart is different from the behaviour management techniques that are out there is like saying that it rains a lot on Vancouver island!

Nurtured heart is TRANSFORMATIONAL!
And WOW does it rain a lot here!!
I wholeheartedly 💕 recommend this training to anyone with children in their lives!