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Empowered Adults. Successful Children. Connected Families. – An NHA Workshop.



When: Sat. April 10th, 12:30-4:30 and April 24th 12:30-3:30

Where: Zoom link to be provided to enrollees


or contact Marny directly at / 250.218.8702


Join this 2-part online workshop to explore a powerful way to use an effective, heart-centred approach to build relationships, transform behaviour and grow Inner Wealth® .

You can be the change agent to help your family thrive!

This full immersion workshop into the Nurtured Heart Approach® is for anyone who is:

  • committed to building strong children from the inside out
  • seeking better ways to communicate or build connected relationships
  • challenged by specific behaviours
  • searching for effective ways to handle repetitive, frustrating dynamics
  • wanting to feel more confident and influential
  • inspired to shift themselves and their children into greater success
  • needing to parent THEIR children in the real world
  • interested in feeling the difference between positive parenting and parenting from the heart
Inquire about additional private coaching option if you:
  • are seeking one on one support to set and achieve personal goals
  • feel ready to explore personal patterns that get in the way of success
  • are eager to delve into unique scenarios
  • prefer sharing personal dynamics in private
  • want to increase your success rate by up to 95%*
  • feel like 7 hours will only be the tip of the iceberg

Find out why others are calling NHA “life changing”, “a whole new level of deep and genuine appreciation”,”a new way to communicate” and “transformational”. “The Nurtured Heart works because it goes above, beyond and below everything else that is out there.”

Marny is a Certified Advanced Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer, Coach, Relationship Counsellor and most importantly, a parent. This unique combination of over 17 years of education and experience ensures expert education and compassionate support.


Adults have tremendous influence over a child’s inner world.  Since their inner world drives how they behave and the choices they make, we have influence over that as well! While sometimes overwhelming, this is also an amazing opportunity. In this training – Empowered Adults. Successful Children. Connected Families. – we will dive into the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to use your opportunities and influence in empowering and effective ways.

NHA shifts our perspective, responses, and outcomes. It transforms our connections, our ability to influence and our success in instilling in children what they need the most – belief in their own greatness 💜Nurtured Heart Approach® workshop

This flexible, accessible, deeply nurturing and compassion-based approach is refreshingly simple. It uses the perspective of ‘great’ to diffuse the ‘not so great’ and the power of the heart to communicate. It awakens the inherent greatness in children regardless of age, challenge or diagnosis.

Over years of being parented, learning, living and parenting,  we have knowledge and experience that helps shape where we are today. Rather than simply surviving this journey as is, imagine the transformation for our children, communities and ourselves when we shift to thriving!

Time to end the cycle. As much as letting go of automatic reactions, defeating patterns and ingrained habits take commitment, it is worth it. Since trust and truth build strong, connected relationships, opening to that shift is the first step to transformation.

NHA is a relationship-focused methodology for helping children (and adults) build Inner Wealth® and use their intensity in successful ways. It facilitates both parenting and classroom success.

Far deeper than positive or praise based techniques, NHA is more meaningful and enduring. It empowers us to

  • create success
  • recognize the truth of challenging situations
  • maximize our influence during the absence of challenges
  • appreciate and nurture personal qualities critical for success

Especially noteworthy, it does this in a way that is authentic, clear and undeniable.

A workshop to help parents feel less stressed and more effective

So many people

  • feel like they don’t have the full insight, clarity, and effectiveness to parent/teach the way they envisioned
  • experience this important role without feeling fully prepared or confident to manage all the realities they experience

At the same time, they also have a very deep desire to raise children who

  • can express their emotions in clear, respectful ways
  • are capable of handling life’s challenges
  • feel empowered to express a strong and healthy sense of self, while creating the life they choose
  • have the skills they need to succeed
  • experience the joy of love and belonging

If you want to build stronger children from the inside out, foster healthy relationships AND transform negative behaviour into positive behaviour, this is the workshop you have been looking for!

During this 7 hour workshop you will explore and experience the following:

  • powerful insight into the dynamics that really drive behaviour and the influence of energy
  • new understanding of the role we play in a child’s growing ‘inner portfolio’ (personal beliefs) and skillset
  • effective tools and techniques to create success and shift intense or other challenging behaviours
  • a new perspective to see, acknowledge and build the Inner Wealth® children need to succeed in an increasingly complex world
  • techniques to build increasingly deeper levels of resilience and inner strength
  • profound ways to fuel deep, strong, connected and nurturing relationships
  • skills to shift away from frustrating dynamics, resistance and feelings of being powerless or ineffective
  • all foundational aspects and intentions of NHA that are critical to affecting how we see, understand and appreciate others. This insight begins to transform relationships immediately.

Tools and techniques that are simple to remember, accessible to all and effective with all children. These are invaluable assets to the lifelong commitment of parenting.

Included in this workshop package
  • 7 hours of virtual group learning and experiences over 2 weeks.
  • Email support from Marny between classes.
  • Access to on-going, group support and learning opportunities to further develop skills and move more deeply into the approach.
  • Access to in-person or on-line one on one coaching to receive personalized implementation support for your specific scenarios and challenges.

Compassionate and nurturing for both adult and child, NHA is having amazing results with parents, caregivers, educators and professionals around the world. This workshop will give you the gift of NHA with the guidance and support to implement it and stay committed.

  • Explore what truly creates profound connection and effective influence.

    • Through connected, energetically congruent relationships we can support children to believe the positive truth of who they are.
    • Timing is everything! Teach rules and values when they can make the most impact.
  • Transform intense/challenging behaviour in immediate, lasting and deeply heart-focused ways.

    • Intensity is a life force. Because children need their life force to reach their own goals, we need tools to help them channel it in positive ways.  As a result, they can follow their own path successfully.
    • Through creating space for children to return to their greatness and providing ’emotional nutrition’ we effectively teach self-regulation. Stresses of everyday life are part of growing up; therefore, children need the skills to cope with the situations/choices that they are faced with and still flourish.
  • Understand how conventional methods fall short and even make things worse

    • Adults have a tremendous impact on the energetic blueprint that children form of themselves. In other words, we have a very real ability to influence their belief in who they are and what they are capable of.
    • So, set children up for success! Steering them away from the shame and blame of ‘I can’t’ into the wisdom and power of ‘I can’ reduces the impact of missed expectations and feeds the value of NOW and growth.
  • Express ‘radical appreciation’ to bring all children into new levels of success

    • Explore the positive side of behaviours and qualities.
    • Empower yourself to see and create opportunities to grow greatness.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® has a proven impact on every child, including those who are challenged behaviourally, socially and academically.

A workshop to help shift families from surviving to thriving

  • Apply the core methodologies of NHA to create a richer social-emotional environment.

    • Inner Wealth® goes deeper than self-esteem and is key to lasting and true personal success. Most of all, it best supports the ultimate goal – to help a child be seen and live the truth of who they are. First and foremost, a person who is amazing and capable, through how we relate to and appreciate them as adults.
    • This becomes the basis for making positive choices, expressing intensity in successful, healthy ways and living a life of their own greatness.
  • Trade frustrating and punitive cycles of discipline for tools that build positive belief systems. From this, come healthy personal power, self-regulation, and positive choices

    • No more waiting for issues to arise in order to address them!  With skilled timing and energy, you can decide how a situation plays out.
    • Rather than perpetuating what we don’t value, build what is meaningful and important. Consciously choosing when and how to direct our energy instills the values, boundaries and respect children need to be the best version of themselves.
  • ‘Authentically recognize’ a child’s greatness and give it the ‘emotional nutrition’ to thrive

    • Not a lot creates struggles quite like the feeling of someone trying to exert power over you. When we seek to be right, the other person has to be wrong. Yet, when we find and support the steps that are on the right path, there is no wrong. Therefore, we grow the inner awareness that a child is capable of success.
    • Learn how to see the steps, light up the path and inspire your child to follow it.
  • Grow your OWN greatness

    • Personal triggers almost always play into heated situations, yet knowing what to do when they arise can be tough. You and your coping skills are critical to understand so you can respond vs. react.
    • While it is not always easy to handle situations with the grace we would like, that is OK! There are plenty of ways to get back on track and dig deep when needed. Being an effective parent includes modelling how to be human.

Best of all, this approach can be used in ALL your relationships!  Since we are always in relationship with someone (including ourselves), the application of what you will learn is endless.

Empoered Adults. Successful Children. Connected Families. workshop

Finally, not included in this workshop 🙂

  • Focus on all the mistakes you are making
  • Any illusion of ‘perfection’
  • Feeling like it is too late to make a change

When: Sat. April 10th, 12:30-4:30 and April 24th 12:30-3:30

Where: Zoom link to be provided to enrollees


or contact Marny directly at / 250.218.8702

I look forward to meeting you and providing you with the knowledge and skills that will bring you and your children more fulfillment, grace, and joy.

*Joyce, B., and Showers, B. (2002) “Designing Training and Peer Coaching: Our Needs for Learning

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