Relationship Counselling

Creating Deeper Connection, Communication and Compassion

Relationship Counselling

Each relationship has stages, struggles and opportunities to grow. Working with me, couples grow to see, hear and appreciate each other more authentically and through new ways of communicating, connect more deeply.

In times of struggle, it can be hard to maintain positive feelings about our partner and move forward together. Without effective tools and support, couples can get stuck in defeating, sometimes hurtful patterns and swirl around in unanswered questions.

  • Is this normal?
  • Can we get past the power struggles?
  • Are our differences or similarities going to break us?
  • How do we get more connected?
  • How can we talk about important issues without getting into conflict or withdrawal?
  • Have our feelings changed too much?
  • Is there a better way to communicate?
  • How can we both get more/less ‘x’?
  • Do I still want to be in this relationship?

Whether you and your partner are in the midst of a challenge or looking for effective tools to move more deeply into your relationship, you are in the right place. When you find joy within your relationship, you find a fulfilling, balanced place with peace, trust and hope.

Coming to a relationship crossroad, we have a choice. We can walk away, stay with the way things are or use this opportunity to come out stronger. I believe that to love is a choice.  This becomes especially true in longer term relationships when romantic attachment can start to change. We need to navigate life’s challenges and personal triggers, open up to embracing the experiences and growth being offered by our relationship and learn how to thrive in ways that best support each partner.

Your relationship is providing a profound opportunity to learn, love and let go so you can ignite one of more joy within it. You can choose to love.

Rebuilding a Foundation of Respect and Compassion

​Rather than getting stuck in the problems, my work is about building a foundation of respect, compassion and kindness so partners can move to deeper levels of connection. Once that foundation starts to solidify, new perspectives and tools can support productive ways of working on the issues and increasing communication.

We are going to start by understanding your current relationship and then focus on how to move forward in the way that works for you. What follows is clarity about the choices and opportunities to create a more authentic and fulfilling relationship. Ongoing, you will be prepared to maintain a way of relating to each other that is balanced, harmonious, resilient and compassionate.

This nourishes a renewed focus for the relationship from conflict to connection, confusion to clarity and chaos to calm.

Multiple techniques tailored to each couple

I am trained in many different holistic techniques so will utilize the tools and methodologies best suited to your experience.  However, when working with relationships, I rely heavily on the Nurtured Heart Approach®​ (while it began with the parent child relationship, its concepts are very applicable to adult relationships as well) and Conscious Loving. Considering emotional, spiritual, physical and mental aspects allows shifts to occur on different levels. My approach is client-centred, so I honour your individual goals and comfort level.

Specifically, these are my base formal credentials.

See a full and current overview of my training and modalities.

A safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment are some of the cornerstones of my counselling practice as is my own on-going path of emotional wellness.  To this end, I have been active in many hours of my own personal and relationship therapy using several different modalities. I fully understand the value of this process as I have experienced the deep transformation that can happen and the importance of finding a person you can work and connect with.

My clients experience freedom from detrimental cycles of bringing the past into today leading to deeper compassion in relating to self and others. They also find greater clarity around current challenges while reducing stress and increasing empowerment. They move forward with new skills, conscious choice, and positive life outcomes.


“No judgement, ever…”

Marny asked thoughtful questions that brought new insights and resolved lingering issues. And there is no judgement – ever.

Toronto, Ont

“All of my relationships have improved…”

All my relationships have improved so much. The work that you do is so important.

Courtenay, BC

“Positive, hopeful approach…”

Thank you for a positive, hopeful approach that speaks to us on all levels and for giving us and modeling for us, all that rich language for nurturing hearts.

Comox Valley, BC

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