Individual Counselling

Renew Your Own Resilience

There are so many ways in which we can struggle and begin to seek counselling. 

If you are having any of the following experiences, reaching out for support is a brave and powerful start to improving your emotional health:

  • Feeling stuck in patterns or emotions.
  • Uncertainty around handling new changes or repetitive experiences.
  • Confusion or fear about moving through life’s challenges/transitions or healing from them.
  • Struggling with how you feel about yourself, your capabilities and/or your actions.
  • Making choices and acting in ways that you wish you could change.
  • Frustration about why you don’t get the outcomes you want.
  • Finding yourself in a relationship and not knowing how to improve it or let it go.

Whether you are experiencing a specific life event or are at the next step of an ongoing process, embrace and enhance what IS working while being supported in letting go of or integrating what is not. Counselling can be an empowering journey of choosing to form a different and better relationship with yourself and those in your life.

Life doesn’t always go the way we imagined or hoped it would. Counselling can help us build a resilient emotional foundation that is key to managing, moving through and stepping forward from these times.

Understanding our Roots

​Throughout our lives, early family to current day, we have both nurturing and challenging experiences. These create roots in our emotions and thoughts that influence how we view and relate to ourselves and others. They affect how we interpret, move toward or avoid experiences as well as potentially, get in our own way of our true enjoyment of life and healthy relationships.

Identifying and understanding these roots – our personal beliefs, patterns and behaviours – in addition to how they affect current feelings and experiences, can help to build self-awareness as well as open the door to find answers. From here, we can start to see our choices more clearly and access the ability to move forward from what no longer serves us.

Our emotions are a form of communication to our actions and therefore we need them to give us critical information. When our emotional health is good, we are able to listen then respond to situations and challenges from a place of strength and confidence. Counselling is an integral piece of our overall health supporting us to be successful in some of the following ways:

  • Cope confidently with life’s challenges and personal triggers.
  • Let go of defeating patterns that interfere with creating a life of positive choices and healthy relationships.
  • Move forward with clarity.
  • Embrace fulfilling experiences and connect to a sense of direction and purpose.
  • Thrive in ways that best support YOU in YOUR life.

Within you are the answers you seek. Explore what is working, what is not, what your role is, what you can change and what you can choose.

Helping people feel themselves since 2012

I am trained in many different holistic techniques and will utilize the tools and methodologies best suited to your experience.  Considering emotional, spiritual, physical and mental aspects allows shifts to occur on different levels. My approach is client-centred, and I honour your individual goals and comfort level.

Specifically, these are my base formal credentials.  

See a full and current overview of my training and modalities.

A safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment are some of the cornerstones of my counselling practice as is my own on-going path of emotional wellness.  To this end, I have been active in many hours of my own personal and relationship therapy using several different modalities. I fully understand the value of this process as I have experienced the deep transformation that can happen and the importance of finding a person you can work and connect with.

My clients experience freedom from detrimental cycles of bringing the past into today leading to deeper compassion in relating to self and others. They also find greater clarity around current challenges while reducing stress and increasing empowerment. They learn to move forward with new skills, conscious choice, and positive life outcomes.

Even when things are tough, remember that your will to move forward is ultimately stronger than anything that can hold you back.


“So much growth…”

Marny has the ability to provide support and insight in an objective and non-judgemental manner, that provides comfort and wisdom. Her genuine kindness and compassion is evident from the start.


Toronto, Ont.

“True relationship building…”

Marny is a great listener, and she is very skilled at capturing the essence of one’s ideas and reflecting them back in a way that makes them clearer. She helps others to see the big picture, and how all the little pieces fit!


Vancouver Island University

“You are real and relatable…”

Marny, you are so very authentic. The way you share shows how much you care about people and their relationships. You are real and relatable and this makes people feel comfortable to let their guard down. Thank you.

Courtenay, BC

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