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Your Roadmap to Families That Thrive

How would it feel to change the energy in your home from conflict to connection, confusion to clarity and chaos to calm? 

We are parenting in a time of busy lives, high stress levels, ever-evolving challenges and more intense behaviours. It is easy to feel frustrated, lost for solutions that work and overwhelmed by the pressure to change.

In self-reflection, isn’t it time to take you and your children to greater levels of empowerment, success, and joy within your family? With a Parenting Coach, you can be that change with more permanent results than fixing a problem behaviour. 

Like most parents, you probably didn’t start this journey with all the answers. Challenging situations have you seeking solutions while doubts and fears leave you worrying about what’s ahead. You might feel unclear about how best to support your child in current circumstances or maximize progress from other child direct therapies. 

Parent Coaching and Family Dynamics

Parent coaching is your personal guidance to understanding the dynamics in your family, helping you reach your goals and confidently maintain a new family balance. After exploring existing patterns and identifying new skills to create your vision, you will be fully supported to ensure you experience long term success. Any adult with children in their lives can benefit. You are the most influential person in your child’s life – embrace that and learn to use it for positive outcomes.

Parents are finding that raising children is more confusing, conflictual and challenging than they expected. New levels of emotions as well as personal expectation, guilt, doubt and external judgement compound the stress.

Wondering about these, and other issues is very common:

Handling unexpected, intense or challenging behaviours.

Having a strong relationship between parents and children.

Enforcing rules and influencing choices without conflict.

Supporting children through various life events or stages.

Building connection, trust and respect.

Communicating effectively with compassion.

Getting positive outcomes without shame, blame or pain.

Trusting that children have the inner strength to handle the situations that come their way.

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I start where you are in your parenting journey, whether it’s related to a specific event, wanting to be prepared for the future or trying to be the best parent you can be. Then, I empower you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need for your family to thrive.

Parenting and the Nurtured Heart Approach®

My parenting foundation is heavily based in the wisdom, power and simplicity of the Nurtured Heart Approach®. Proven to be an unfaltering road map to me since 2004, it gave me the knowledge, tools and confidence I needed with my own family.

Additionally, if an existing parenting tool or skill is working for you, we will maximize it and incorporate the work of other experts as required to provide you with a full and rounded complement of parenting skills to ensure you are ready for every challenge.

By flipping the why, when and how of your interactions with the children in your life, we move away from conflict, escalation and the endless search for the right punishment. Instead, you will gain new perspective and tools to find and create endless opportunities to build more connected relationships, focus on reinforcing inner strengths, shift intense behaviours and teach in ways that nurture success. Developing skills like emotional regulation and resilience are a key part of the process.

With an absolute belief that investing in our children is the best route for all of our futures, I am passionate about helping adults to do just that. The best investment? Ensuring children feel seen, heard, accepted and valued with a real sense of belonging so they feel the truth of who they are and trust in their capabilities.

While our intention and desire is to support them unconditionally, love them deeply, protect them fiercely and care for their wellbeing, without the right tools, we resort to how we were raised or someone’s advice and the results are ineffective and often damaging.  

Communication without the Struggle and Frustration

Parent Coaching will help you stop struggling to communicate with your children or getting stuck in frustrating cycles of interacting. It will support you in creating more connected relationships and building up your child from the inside out. You will have the confidence to handle the situations that come your way and trust that your parenting skills and choices will bring the best results.

Knowing you are prepared to help your children be successful while enjoying your parenting journey with more harmony, trust and influence is a game changer. Both in challenging times and day to day, this can be a more fulfilling and joyful experience.

Parenting is much more than just raising children who behave or are who we want them to be.

Combining my professional training with my personal education and experience, I have worked with hundreds of parents, guardians, educators and child therapists to teach and coach them through to full implementation and support. In my office, online or in your home/classroom, immediate shift happens and long term transformation follows.


“Brought peace to my house…”

You’ve brought so much peace to my house. He started to get aggressive towards me & discipline was not getting me anywhere. Thank you so much for giving me a new way to communicate with him.


Courtenay, BC

“Shifted the energy in our house…”

These new ways to deal with behaviour that triggers me has totally shifted the energy in our house.


Comox, B.C.

“I now have a new framework…”

I really appreciate how Marny has enabled me to re-frame my thinking. I now have a new framework to think about how I approach my fears, concerns and conflicts in parenting.

Parent and Educator

Comox Valley, BC

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