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Personal Thoughts From Others About Working with Me

I have worked with a variety of people over the years and below are some personal thoughts and feelings about their experiences. 

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"My relationship with my 19 year daughter is beginning to evolve with more brightness and happiness and love. Marny taught me how to seek out the good, provided strategies to control my emotions and to just think differently about tense situations and button pushing. My daughter seems to be mirroring this and I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Marny, you are wonderful at what you do and I would recommend you to parents/caregivers with children of any age. Thank you!"

Janet Parent Toronto, Ont. April 23, 2023

"Marny is a great teacher! She shared effective tools that allow me to connect more intimately with my children."

J.K. Parent Courtenay, BC April 23, 2023

"The Nurtured Heart Approach has increased my confidence in dealing with conflict with my children."

M. Paramio Parent and Educator Courtenay, B.C. April 23, 2023

"Once you see this way of doing things, you just can't unsee it. The old way just feels so counterproductive. You helped me really change our trajectory, and I'm so grateful."

Heather Raworth Parent Comox Valley, B.C. January 31, 2022

This is a "simple approach" that is "immediately useable and transferrable to all family members" and it provided "insights teachers and parents weren't able to provide".

Comox, B.C. February 13, 2020

I found this training to be an immediate asset when it was so needed - no waiting on someone else to help. We were just able to make and see a difference right away and we'll keep working on it.

Comox. B.C. February 13, 2020

These tools have helped me be more specific and concrete in giving daily and weekly feedback! They are indispensable to me and with their use my students are very gradually able to increase their "learning concepts, vocabulary and communication", for a better understanding of self. These tools target building resilience, self-confidence, and a robust spirit so I am delighted and strengthened in my practice!

D.N. Educator and Parent Comox, B.C. September 25, 2019

A very grounded approach that allows for so many 'ah-ha' moments. Really opens up opportunities for true relationship building that helps nurture capacities of all involved.

A.T. Parent and Educator Okanagan, B.C. September 11, 2019

I'm so pleased to understand what was going wrong and now what I can do with children, adults, (and animals) to move them into a safe, healthy place.

Ms. R. E.A. Okanagan, B.C. September 11, 2019

I would absolutely recommend delving into the Nurtured Heart Approach with Marny at the helm.  She has clearly embodied this practice with her family and in her life, and can attend to any uncertainty and questions from a place of confidence and experience.  As a teacher she is kind, accessible, and absolutely available to help students navigate this new way of being in relationship, as well as passionate about helping it land in whatever way she can.  It is quite a powerful thing to turn and face the world with the question of "what's going well?"   Such a simple readjustment in perspective can bring such a big shift.  

Christa Parent Comox Valley, B.C. April 30, 2019

Marny is a great facilitator! She presents material clearly and gives concrete examples of positive parenting strategies.

J.C. Comox, B.C. March 20, 2019

These new ways to deal with behaviour that triggers me has totally shifted the energy in our house.

Comox, B.C. March 20, 2019

Parenting doesn't have to be hard! NHA gives you ways to shift the energy - by shifting your focus - so that I look forward to practicing it rather than dreading the constant little battles and stand offs.

Comox, B.C. March 20, 2019

We got a lot out of the workshop and it improved so much of the dynamics of our family on so many levels.   Though we never really had any behaviour problems with our daughter, just incorporating the knowledge into our interactions with her helped things move smoother for her and we saw a big difference in her ability to feel and communicate clearer and with more ease.

Darrell Dye RMT Courtenay, B.C. February 8, 2019

Nurtured Heart heart has given us new tools and strategies to call out the best in our kids and shift the negative fault finding culture to one of love and respect.

M.B. Comox, B.C. January 25, 2019

... happy to report upon chatting with [my wife] we have recognized a definite improvement in [our son's] behavior and our overall enjoyment of being with him. Success.

A.E. Comox, B.C. December 13, 2018

The Nurtured Heart Approach has allowed me to begin a journey that creates rich connections to my students and a classroom environment where children can become their best selves and feel great in their learning.

Kathy Teacher Comox Valley, B.C. October 24, 2018

The Nurtured Heart Approach has helped build positive relationships with some of the trickiest students.

Teacher Comox Valley, B.C. October 24, 2018

The NHA has changed the dynamics of my relationships, not only with my students but with their families as well.

M.E.B. Teacher Comox Valley, B.C. October 24, 2018

I found it rewarding to see the NHA working in the classroom.

Teacher Comox Valley, B.C. October 24, 2018

Marny's session is a great day of learning about ways to help children grow in the classroom.

Teacher Comox Valley, B.C. October 24, 2018

Thank you for a positive, hopeful approach that speaks to us on all levels (personal and professional) and for giving us and modeling for us, all that rich language for nurturing hearts.

Teacher Comox Valley, B.C. October 24, 2018

I am finding the information you shared, the handouts, [...] take root slowly (for me at least) - but for example, looking back at last year with my eldest student I can see where the bar was too high and I was giving negative energy to the was a surprising realization, but it is a direct learning result of the workshop and there have been more. So thank you!

D.W. Teacher and Parent Courtenay, B.C. October 15, 2018

There is something that feels very natural and holistic about NHA. These techniques have helped improve my relationship with my children as well as behaviour. Most of all, it has given me a new, more positive approach to parenting + life in general that I get to share in all my relationships.  Thanks Marny!

Comox, B.C. May 16, 2018

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a good addition to my training in attachment-based parenting.  It offers a practical, hands-on approach to dealing with difficult parenting challenges, It is a realistic and compassionate approach to parenting that allows parents and children to experience success versus guilt and shame.

Jennifer Mansell Courtenay, B.C. May 3, 2018

I highly recommend Marny's workshop to new parents. It'll provide you with strategies and techniques to connect to your child and make parenting even more rewarding.

Wayne Valera Courtenay, B.C. May 3, 2018

NHA gave me ways to build skills and greatness in my children.  It was a great course that would be beneficial to all parents.

Parent and Teacher Courtenay, B.C. May 3, 2018

I saw instant success at home after only the first 2 [of 3] sessions!

Parent Comox Valley, B.C. May 3, 2018

I have confidence that this approach will help me stay in my profession.

Teacher Courtenay, B.C. May 3, 2018

Very inspiring!  The things I've learned have made a big difference in the way I am with children.  Thank you, Marny!

J.H. Courtenay, B.C. March 19, 2018

I felt so empowered by the strategies that Marny shared. I used many of them right away and have seen so much growth in my parenting and teaching.

Teacher and Parent Courtenay, B.C. March 19, 2018

I have been a school teacher for 18 years and a mother for 15 years and I wish I had this training before I found myself in either of these roles. I am very thankful that at this point I can make tweaks to my approaches that will build inner wealth in my children and students and even repair damage that I thought was irreparable.

P. May Teacher and Parent Courtenay, B.C. March 19, 2018

The most rewarding thing about this training was the new perspective I gained in noticing how my actions and emotions directly influence my children's behaviour. NHA helped me to identify the patterns of relationship I had established with my kids and to pinpoint how to change these patterns for all of our benefit.

K.M, Courtenay, B.C. March 19, 2018

I wanted to tell you about the best Christmas gift I received this year. [The boys] and I were out for a walk on Christmas Eve morning. It had taken a bit of convincing to get the boys out the door... but we all needed some fresh air and a break from games etc. I was practicing experiential and proactive recognition and congratulating them ([one], in particular) for recognizing that a walk would be beneficial for the whole family and for not whining (as he had been doing at the beginning of the outing). On the way back home [he] came up beside me and held my hand (which is a rarity) and said, "Kate, you're a way better mom than you used to be."
It doesn't get much better than that! I'm really feeling/experiencing the benefits of NHA.

Kate Macdonald Courtenay, BC January 8, 2018

I really valued the reassurance that challenges can be approached in a positive manner. NHA encourages me to seek out the 'greatness' in my kids. This helps with my stress levels. [...] I feel empowered.

Tanis Wyndham Comox Valley, BC December 7, 2017

The course gave me tools to help build my son's view of himself and skills to be kind to his sister.

Parent Courtenay, BC December 7, 2017

"Tell me about your greatness" - what an amazing statement to use to build connection between my kids and my partner!

Parent Comox Valley, BC December 7, 2017

If you have a relationship with your partner, family members, coworkers, clients, or kids, that could use any improvement you need to know about the Nurtured Heart Approach. It's a SIMPLE but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE 4 part system for strengthening relationships and improving quality of life. Honestly it's the biggest bang for the buck education I've ever had and I can't recommend enough. Seriously life-changing information.

Simone Courtenay, BC October 10, 2017

Clients call Marny 'lovely', 'enthusiastic', 'well prepared', 'engaging', 'open', 'creates comfort', 'passionate', 'honest', 'clear', 'thoughtful', 'eloquent', 'sincere', 'authentic', 'positive', 'informed', 'realistic', 'caring', 'courageous', 'creates safety', 'easy to talk to'

September 18, 2017

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a beautiful way to find the light in each of my students and gift them with that knowledge.

September 18, 2017

believe this method of raising children to be one of the best!

Bobbie Storey Comox Valley September 18, 2017

Marny is so passionate, it's contagious! Because you can see she truly believes and understand NHA, it is easy to see how it works.

September 12, 2017

This approach helps me reach my ultimate teaching goal - to help children gain and recognize tools they can carry all their life that will allow them to be confident, compassionate, honest human beings

Lucia Perez Early Childhood Educator Courtenay, B.C. September 12, 2017

This is a great way to enhance a child's self-esteem, rather than having them struggle with their big emotions.

Cheridy Whipp Kindergarten Teacher Courtenay, BC September 12, 2017

Marny [is] open and honest. She clearly has a great deal of knowledge and experience working with this approach.

E Blezard Courtenay, BC June 20, 2017

Marny is very knowledgeable, understanding, thoughtful, clear, passionate and positive!

Comox Valley, BC June 20, 2017

Marny makes everyone feel special and that they can do it. I appreciate the acknowledgement that we are all human and that [the shifts that we want] do not always get followed. Reset and try again.

Comox Valley, BC June 20, 2017

The Nurtured Heart Approach is helping me to find the positive in challenging relationships which actually makes those challenging situations less challenging, This is such a relief for everyone involved. Marny is great at sharing tips and strategies as well as allowing for the mistakes we will inevitably make along our path.

Erin McConomy College Instructor Courtenay, BC June 20, 2017

NHA is such an effective approach to building beautiful people and beautiful relationships.

Christine Farrell Certified Holistic Therapist Courtenay, BC June 20, 2017

[my son is] doing way better in school, in fact he just got most improved student award. His marks before were always way lower & he barely would cooperate with his teachers about doing school work ... The more we communicate the better things go .... So thank you so much Marny! All my relationships have improved so much. The work that you do is so important.

Parent Courtenay, BC May 16, 2017

The Nurtured Heart Approach helps to understand yourself which in turn helps you manage the intensity in children which may be challenging. It provides a way for children to feel successful and for a strong attachment to remain and grow.

Lorri McPhee School Counsellor Comox Valley, BC April 21, 2017

I have always understood that 'filling my child's cup' is an important part of parenting. However, now I understand that it can and should be the foundational approach to my parenting as a whole.

Chanci Courtenay, BC April 21, 2017

Marny, you are so very authentic. The way you share shows how much you care about people and their relationships. You are real and relatable and this makes people feel comfortable to let their guard down and receive this awesome teaching. Thank you.

Courtenay, BC April 21, 2017

I really appreciate how Marny has enabled me to see what is positive and how to re-frame my thinking.  I now have a new framework to think about how I approach my fears, concerns and conflicts in parenting. I also have more strategies to help me navigate my way through my journey of parenting teens.

Parent and Educator Comox Valley, BC March 5, 2017

I have the most regulated class of kids ever and I give much of the credit to this approach.

Kate Berg Teacher Comox Valley, B.C. February 8, 2017

Now that my daughter is eighteen I have let her organize her own medical/dental appointments. She has missed or messed up most of them. I recently got a call from the dentist inquiring about where my daughter was for her appointment. I called her and told her what had happened and asked that she rectify the situation. She immediately called and made another appointment and dealt with the situation.
Before taking the class on NHA, I would have lectured her on how she had to keep it more together with her schedule if she wanted the privileges that went with her being eighteen. But instead [I applied what I have learned].
What I noticed most was not just that it avoided an argument in which she would have accused me of trying to make her feel badly but how it changed my attitude and I was able to truly focus more on her willingness to deal with it rather than her forgetfulness. I felt appreciation rather than disappointment.
It happened again when a friend left his car for me to drive. I loaned my daughter mine. When something funky was occurring with my friend's car I had to call my daughter to come get me and drive me to work. She started complaining and acting cranky. Rather than remind her that she was driving my car and should be grateful to have access, I [was able to shift my focus and therefore the situation].
Again a paradigm shift. Thank you NHA!

Mom Comox Valley, BC December 6, 2016

Nurtured heart, even as much as I know-which is limited, has had a profound effect on my thinking and how I interact with my own children, with the children with whom I work, friends, colleagues, and even with myself!

Parent and Educator Courtenay, BC November 3, 2016

Marny,  I think you are so amazing at what you do, the way you share it is so authentic and it is incredibly inspiring. I know that what you teach is geared toward children, but honestly, I am changing the way I communicate and approach everyone in my life now. Setting people up for success is a serious game changer! Even half way through, I had already learned so much!

Krista Overwater R.H.N. RYT Comox Valley, BC June 20, 2016

I have used a positive approach with my children in the past but this approach opened my eyes to a whole new level of deep and genuine appreciation of who they are.

Kiki Mother and Teacher Cumberland, BC June 17, 2016

I have known Marny as a friend, parent, and volunteer board member [since 2011].  In that time, I have had the opportunity to witness and benefit from Marny’s warmth, kindness, patience, support, and wisdom.  Marny is a great listener, and she is very skilled at capturing the essence of one’s ideas and reflecting them back in a way that makes them clearer and more malleable. She helps others to see the big picture, and how all the little pieces fit within it!

Ocean Kneeland, M.Ed. Educator/Instructor, Vancouver Island University February 19, 2016

Marny has a remarkable ability to concentrate and focus while she listens.  She asked thoughtful questions that brought new insights and resolved lingering issues. And there is no judgement – ever.

Tamara W February 19, 2016

Marny has the ability to provide support and insight in an objective and non-judgemental manner, that provides comfort and wisdom that can be applied to any number of situations. Her genuine kindness and compassion is evident from the start.

Jennifer February 19, 2016

Marny has a very compassionate, well-informed approach to coaching parents. She delivers the Nurtured Heart program in an enthusiastic, engaged way by using her own experiences as a parent to connect with parents. I would recommend Marny and the Nurtured Heart Approach to anyone wishing to improve their relationships with their children.

Kayt Comox Valley, BC February 19, 2016

You've brought so much peace to my house. I think that this program is amazing & helped me, so much with my son. I was worried before this program, as my son is now taller than me & has extreme anxiety. He started to get aggressive towards me & discipline was not getting me anywhere. He’s only 14 & very strong, so I was getting scared of what he might do […] I thank you so much for giving me a new way to communicate with him, so that [I no longer have that fear].

Shawna Courtenay, BC February 19, 2016

I am beyond grateful to you and the deep wisdom and promise of transformation that the nurtured heart offers. [NHA is helping me realize] we cannot get those we love to stop acting destructively by staying mired in the darkness, we need to illuminate the light that already shines within them that we have neglected to nurture.

Celest Courtenay, BC October 17, 2014

Marny, your work is life-changing. As a mother and educator, I have found that the Nurtured Heart Approach has challenged and changed me in ways I never thought were possible...

Because it isn't a learning of the head;
it isn't a set of strategies to memorize;
not a toolkit or a "to do" (don't do) list.

The Nurtured Heart works because it goes above, beyond and below everything else that is out there.
Simply put: The Nurtured Heart approach changes 💕 hearts...
More than anything else I have found, Nurtured Heart empowered me with the approach and inspired me to deeply and powerfully connect heart-fully with children, particularly at times when on the surface this seemed least possible.

As we learn through this approach to mine childrens' most challenging behaviours for the strengths beneath the surface, our capacity as parents and caregivers grow exponentially...

With the clarity of these new insights, we are able to plant new seeds of strength, hope and wholeness into the fertile soil of our families. For my family, and in my work with children, I have come to see this as how healthier, heartier, happier hearts are sewn and grown...

To say that the Nurtured Heart is different from the behaviour management techniques that are out there is like saying that it rains a lot on Vancouver island!

Nurtured heart is TRANSFORMATIONAL!
And WOW does it rain a lot here!!
I wholeheartedly 💕 recommend this training to anyone with children in their lives!

Laura Mother and Educator Courtenay, BC November 3, 2012

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