Using the Nurtured Heart Approach® to Help Navigate Homeschooling.

A Foundation that Supports both Parents and Teachers.

I recently sat down and had a conversation with the phenomenal educators at Daily Wonder Home Learning Hub. They are homeschooling experts whose mission is ‘reclaiming childhood to transform the world’.

Over the years, I have worked with these women to support their community in bringing the Nurtured Heart Approach to new levels of implementation and success. What began to support the educators with their social-emotional learning focus at the Comox Valley Waldorf school, quickly expanded to include all the parents as well.

While using NHA by one adult can bring great success, when parents AND teachers are both on board the effects can quickly ramp up. The result is consistency, a common language and a united understanding of the importance of The 3 Stands™.

Now, a few of those educators have started Daily Wonder Home Learning Hub to support homeschoolers with daily lesson plans and resources. In addition, parent education helps you to confidently thrive in this role.

From here, another collaboration for Daily Wonder and Joy Within was natural. Being a parent and being a teacher can both be challenging roles. When the 2 are happening simultaneously, there are unique and diverse bumps in the road.

In the following video, Jennifer Ross and Rebecca Watkin from Daily Wonder have a conversation with me. We discuss the importance of focusing on the greatness in you and your child.

In a nutshell, we provide insight into how to bring more joy and wonder to your homeschooling day.

Thank you to with Mareesha Nesling (the 3rd Wonder Woman) for mastering all the technology!



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